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  1. Nº07


    Bear witness to wildfire, discover the memories held within the rings of a tree, trace the origin of the apple, experience the aromas of trees, visit the church forests of Ethiopia, honor the difficult histories that trees hold for our communities, and discover a village in India that is reclaiming a vital and ancient relationship between trees and women.

  2. Nº06


    What we eat touches every aspect of human life and is a daily reminder that we are part of an intricate, living world. From a seasonal cookbook inspired by monastic cuisine to the dark realm of the soil and the memories encoded within a seed, the stories in this issue explore legacies of displacement, the cultural power of food, and the pleasures of eating.

  3. Nº05


    Our world is expressed in a great variety of voices: human, honey bee, orca, stone, bird. What is lost when one of these languages disappears? The stories in this issue explore the power, beauty, and consequences of a speaking world.

  4. Nº04


    As our religious landscapes are shifting, where do we turn for meaning that is rooted in care for place and for each other? What are the teachings and core truths that are still alive and waiting to be named? This issue explores the questions, practices, and journeys that faith invites us into.

  5. Nº03


    Spanning alchemy and magic, the first image of Earth rising over the moon, and the domestication of corn, this issue explores the ways that technology can isolate and connect, reveal and distort, wondering what are the technologies that help us recognize a world alive, animated, and full of wonder?

  6. Nº02


    Our experiences of the wild often leave us safely anchored within the boundaries of our individual identities. But what if we went deeper? What if we were willing to be terrified, to be alone, to be awed and humbled by the wild around us?

  7. Nº01


    From an intimate portrait of the Nebraska prairie, to a view of our planet from above, to the ancient knowledge of place held by the Zuni people in the Southwest and the Drokpa people of Tibet, the stories in this issue question our perspective of Earth, place and time.