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We’re looking for stories that explore the threads connecting ecology, culture, and spirituality.

We’re interested in both local and global stories that are in-depth and narrative-focused. We consider long-form content as well as shorter, time-sensitive pieces that offer a more immediate response to current events. This includes: essays, op-eds, poetry, films, photography, multimedia, and audio stories. We only consider unpublished works or online premieres for film, photography, and multimedia. Being familiar with the work we publish can help you see if your story will align with our editorial impulse.

We publish content weekly online and via our podcast. Our annual print edition features a selection of content previously published online as well as work commissioned specifically for print.

In addition to general pitches and submissions, we are interested in new work that explores the following themes:

  • Alternative economic models. The renewed role of gift economies and economies of life within—or in place of—commodity-based economic models; the renewed relevance and importance of sustainable, local economic systems.
  • Food insecurity and scarcity, as well as food systems that offer resiliency. The systemic weaknesses and/or the points of strength in our existing food systems that are becoming more apparent in a time of crisis.
  • Human and nonhuman migration. How patterns of human movement have been impacted by the climate crisis and by broader trends that have been unfolding in recent history; how the migration patterns of birds, insects, and other species are shifting at this time.
  • Living with the unknown. At a time of breakdown and upheaval, what it means to live with uncertainty. What has been revealed—the light and the dark—and what has been set into motion that is shaping the next chapter of our collective future.

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