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We’re looking for stories that explore the threads connecting ecology, culture, and spirituality.

We’re interested in both local and global stories that are in-depth and narrative-focused. We consider long-form content as well as shorter, time-sensitive pieces that offer a more immediate response to current events. This includes: essays, op-eds, poetry, films, photography, multimedia, and audio stories. We only consider unpublished works or online premieres for film, photography, and multimedia. Being familiar with the work we publish can help you see if your story will align with our editorial impulse.

We publish content weekly online and via our podcast. Our annual print edition features a selection of content previously published online as well as work commissioned specifically for print.

In addition to general pitches and submissions, we are interested in new work that explores the following themes:

  • Time. Once upon a time, not so very long ago, human beings distilled the vast mystery of time—part of the very fabric of the cosmos itself—into a mechanized structure for measuring, compartmentalizing, and directing human life. This conception of time, which places history behind us and the future ahead, has oriented human consciousness toward a forward trajectory, creating the self-fulfilling prophecies of industrialization, consumption, and progress: An Earth pressed into a straight line. A planet with a beginning—and an end.
  • Shifting Landscapes. As our lands and waters undergo unprecedented change, ancient and well-worn patterns of movement are changing rapidly, too. Across these liminal landscapes, humans and nonhumans embark on natural and forced migrations, replete with new obstacles: resource and food scarcity; air, water, and noise pollution; closed borders; disappearing corridors. At the same time, our cultural landscape is undergoing seismic shifts as histories are being uncovered, outdated myths are being discarded, and new stories are emerging from the cracks and crevices of our ongoing apocalyptic reality.
  • Shared Ecologies. Our bodies have porous boundaries. As the Earth is put under increasing duress—through ecosystem destruction and fragmentation, chemical poisoning, and accelerated warming—our bodies, minds, and spirits are bearing the damaging effects of the ecological crisis. We are looking for stories that ask: How can threats to human well-being help us see the ways in which we’re harming the whole? How do our food systems reflect our relationship to place and to our own bodies? How might awareness of shared ecosystems, with shared perils, forge new kinship connections with the nonhuman?

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