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Exit 238

by Henry Davis

One autumn evening around dusk, filmmaker Henry Davis stopped by a strip mall in his neighborhood in Austin, Texas, and noticed thousands of birds swirling overhead. He had stumbled across the roosting-grounds of migrating purple martins, one of many stops along their annual five-thousand-mile journey from the northeastern United States to southern Brazil. Returning with his camera over the following week, he joined the patchworked community of shoppers, employees, passersby, and avid birdwatchers to bear witness to this momentary confluence of humans and birds.


Henry Davis is an award-winning documentary filmmaker with a passion for nature, wildlife, and their complex relationship with humans. His work explores how examining the interplay between modernity and the natural world not only helps us better understand the context within which we exist here on Earth, but also leaves us with a clearer perception of ourselves. Exit 238 has been shown at SXSW, and the New Orleans Film Festival, and was nominated for the 2023 SXSW Grand Jury Award.


Directed by Henry Davis
Edited by Alex Winker
Cinematography by Henry Davis
Original Score by Alex Peterson
Sound Mixing by Joseph Kennemer

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