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by Iva Radivojević

As four researchers embark on an expedition to drill ice cores in the Arctic in subzero temperatures, the presence of these visitors is witnessed by Utuqaq—ice that lasts year after year. With a memory that extends millions of years into the past and a present form that shapeshifts in intricate patterns over the surface of the vast white landscape, this beautiful and vital Arctic ice is facing an increasingly uncertain future as the world warms.

Narrated through the Kalaallisut language of West Greenland—a melodic language that holds an understanding of spirits and presences that roam the land—Utuqaq observes the scientists drilling into the ice and asks, “What do they want?”

In this extended meditation on the sentience of the land, the film de-centers the human perspective and rests in the deep and boundless silence of the ice.


Iva Radivojević is an artist and filmmaker who was born in Belgrade and currently divides her time between subarctic Alaska, Brooklyn, and Lesbos. Her many films include the feature-length documentary Evaporating Borders and the short film Notes from the Border. She co-wrote and edited the film All That Passes By Through a Window That Doesn’t Open, winner of the Regard Neuf Award at Visions Du Reel. Iva’s films have screened at NYFF, SXSW, DocLisboa, Museum of Modern Art (NYC), Dokufest, PBS, ARTE France, and New York Times Op-Docs. She is the recipient of the Sundance Art of Non-Fiction Fellowship, a Guggenheim Fellowship, the NYFA Fellowship, and a Princess Grace Special Project Award and Film Fellowship.


Directed by Iva Radivojević
Produced by Charlotte Cook
Narrated and translated by Aviaja Lyberth
Cinematography by Iva Radivojević
Edited by Iva Radivojević
Sound design by Sarah Enid Hagey
Sound mixing by Kevin T. Allen

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