They Carry Us With Them: The Great Tree Migration

by Chelsea Steinauer-Scudder and Jeremy Seifert

Forests have been migrating in response to climate since time immemorial, but the twenty-first-century climate crisis has greatly diminished the ability of trees to move effectively. This multimedia feature explores four stories of tree migration in Maine and what is at stake as forests shift away from the ecological and human communities they have long inhabited.

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Editorial Note

It has always been a radical act to share stories during dark times. They are regenerative spaces of creation and renewal. As we experience a loss of sacred connection to the earth, we share stories that explore the timeless connections between ecology, culture, and spirituality.



by Anní Ólafsdóttir and Andri Snær Magnason

Set in an unprecedented moment of global stillness, this film follows artists and thinkers in Iceland as they interpret a world gripped by the pandemic. Through dance, poetry, music, and visual art, they reflect on the possibilities for transformation that are held within this great pause.

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The Hunt

by Sanjay Rawal

This short film The Hunt, by Sanjay Rawal, Chef Nephi Craig of the White Mountain Apache Nation and master forager Twila Cassadore of the San Carlos Apache Nation work with Indigenous foodways to promote processes of healing and recovery from historical trauma.

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