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In-person Retreat
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Artwork by Albarrán Cabrera

The Song of the Seasons

Devon, England

June 26 – 29, 2025
In-person Retreat
Registration Open

Artwork by Albarrán Cabrera

For all things
sing you: at times
we just hear them more clearly.

Rainer Maria Rilke

The Earth’s seasons have always been an essential gateway to the continual revelation of creation, renewal, growth, decay and death that underpins all of existence. For generations, they have been at the foundation of our cultures, spiritual traditions, and the many rituals and ceremonies that pay homage to the cyclical nature of life. And while these offerings and celebrations have traditionally helped align us with the rhythms present within the living world, long-celebrated seasonal moments—the migration of geese, the arrival of blossoms, the return of rainfall—are slipping away as the Earth begins to turn to a different tune. Even when modern life insulates us from Earth’s subtle fluctuations in response to a rapidly changing climate, can we remember to hear the song of the seasons that calls us always into relationship?

In June 2025, in the wake of the summer solstice, join us along the ancient and magical River Dart in Devon, England, for a four-day retreat that will open pathways into rooted ways of being with the Earth’s circle of life as it shifts and transforms. Attentive to the seasonal markers that have been lost and the essential rhythms that remain, we will explore what it means to renew and honor our evolving connection with the cycles of creation.

Led by Emergence executive editor and Sufi teacher Emmanuel Vaughan-Lee, this retreat will encourage participants to turn their attention to the deeper patterns around and within through spaces of requiem, invitation, and celebration—each offering a way to remember and realign with the Earth’s many rhythms. Through talks, nature connection practices, meditation, discussion, and writing workshops, we will look toward an ancient understanding of seasonality, place, and cycle amid the discord of our time.



Emmanuel Vaughan-Lee is an Emmy- and Peabody-nominated filmmaker and a Naqshbandi Sufi teacher. He is the founder and executive editor of Emergence Magazine and leads retreats and workshops worldwide. He has directed and produced numerous award-winning films including: Earthrise, Sanctuaries of Silence, The Atomic Tree, Counter Mapping, Marie’s Dictionary, Isle de Jean Charles, Elemental, A Thousand Suns and What Would it Look Like? He lives and teaches in Inverness, California.



Dates: Thursday, June 26th (check-in 3-5pm) – Sunday, June 29th, 2025 (departure at 12pm)

Location: Sharpham Trust, Devon, United Kingdom

Fee: £630–£485, depending on accommodation choice. Fees include everything but travel. Needs-based financial assistance is available for some (see additional details in the expression of interest form).

We are also holding a similar retreat on Whidbey Island, Washington, US, May 23–26, 2025. You can learn more and apply for that retreat here.

Please contact events@emergencemagazine.org if you have any questions.

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