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Yukon Kings

by Emmanuel Vaughan-Lee

For the Yup’ik peoples of Alaska, salmon has been a source of physical and cultural sustenance for millennia. In this film, a Yup’ik fisherman teaches his grandchildren how to fish in the remote Alaskan Yukon Delta. As the king salmon population faces drastic declines, he holds on to the hope that this traditional knowledge will carry forward to future generations.

Director & Producer

Emmanuel Vaughan-Lee is an Emmy- and Peabody Award–nominated filmmaker and a Sufi teacher. His films include: Earthrise, Sanctuaries of Silence, The Atomic Tree, Counter Mapping, Marie’s Dictionary, and Elemental. His films have been screened at New York Film Festival, Tribeca Film Festival, SXSW, and Hot Docs, exhibited at the Smithsonian Museum, and featured on PBS POV, National Geographic, and New York Times Op-Docs. He is the founder and executive editor of Emergence Magazine.


Directed by Emmanuel Vaughan-Lee
Produced by Dorothée Royal-Hedinger & Emmanuel Vaughan-Lee
Edited by Adam Loften
Cinematography by Andrew David Watson
Music by H. Scott Salinas
Sound by D. Chris Smith

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