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They Carry Us With Them: Richard Silliboy

by Jeremy Seifert

This film, part of our feature multimedia story “They Carry us With Them: The Great Tree Migration”, profiles Richard Silliboy, a tribal elder and vice chief of the Aroostook Band of Mi’kmaqs, and a black ash basketmaker. As he weaves a potato basket at his home in Littleton, Maine, Richard contemplates the arrival of the emerald ash borer and the tenuous future of this ancient art.


Jeremy Seifert is an award-winning documentary filmmaker. His feature films include The Devil We Know, GMO OMG, and DIVE! Living Off America’s Waste. His films for Emergence Magazine include The Church Forests of Ethiopia and On the Road with Thomas Merton.


Emmanuel Vaughan-Lee is an Emmy nominated filmmaker and composer. His award-winning films have been featured on PBS, National Geographic, the New York Times, the New Yorker, and the Atlantic, exhibited at the Smithsonian, and screened at festivals worldwide. He is the executive editor of Emergence Magazine.


Directed by Jeremy Seifert
Produced by Emmanuel Vaughan-Lee
Cinematography by Jeremy Seifert
Edited by Jeremy Seifert
Sound design and mix by Matthew Mikkelsen

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