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Recording Kawaiisu

by Adam Loften

Following a century of loss, the Kawaiisu people of Central California have held on to their language, one of the few aspects of their culture that remain intact. Now, with only two fluent speakers remaining, Julie is attempting to document the language that lives within her elderly father and aunt so that it may be passed on and learned by others.


Adam Loften is an Emmy- and Peabody Award–nominated filmmaker and producer of virtual reality experiences and podcasts. His films include: Sanctuaries of Silence, The Atomic Tree, Counter Mapping, and Welcome to Canada. His work has been featured on PBS, National Geographic, The Atlantic, and The New York Times.


Directed by Adam Loften
Produced by Adam Loften & Emmanuel Vaughan-Lee
Editing & Cinematography by Adam Loften
Original music by Matthew Atticus Berger
Sound recording by Ben Suliteanu

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