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A Forest Walk

A Guided Practice by Kimberly Ruffin

Photo by Emmanuel Vaughan-Lee

For forest therapy guide Kimberley Ruffin, faith is an experience that is palpable among trees. In this audio practice, she takes you on a sensory walk through the forest.

Writer & Narrator

Kimberly Ruffin is a Certified Nature and Forest Therapy Guide who leads walks and gives talks in the Chicagoland area and wherever else she is called to serve. She is the author of Black on Earth: African American Ecoliterary Traditions and Associate Professor of English at Roosevelt University.

Bodies of Evidence
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Bodies of Evidence

by Kimberly Ruffin Open story

As Kimberly Ruffin revisits her upbringing and spiritual heritage, she compiles the bodies of evidence that have invigorated her spirit. She explores where “spirit power” can be found, both within a church community and in the places where faith rises up within the land.

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