SHIFTING LANDSCAPES: An Immersive Exhibition in London

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It has always been a radical act to share stories during dark times. They are regenerative spaces of creation and renewal. As we experience a loss of sacred connection to the earth, we share stories that explore the timeless connections between ecology, culture, and spirituality.

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Emergence Magazine, Vol. 4
Shifting Landscapes

Just as the Earth’s ancient patterns and pathways are undergoing seismic shifts, so too are our cultural landscapes—histories are being uncovered, outdated myths discarded, and new stories brought to light. The voices gathered in this volume bear witness to the Earth’s changing face, listen to her evolving song, and offer ways to navigate our shifting landscapes.

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“Valemon the Bear: Myth in the Age of the Anthropocene,” featuring Martin Shaw, has been nominated in the 2nd Annual Signal Awards. Voting for the Signal Listener’s Choice competition is open until October 5th.

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by Iva Radivojević Watch Film

As four researchers drill ice cores in the Arctic, their presence is witnessed by “Utuqaq”—ice that lasts year after year.

Valemon the Bear

an Emergence Magazine Production Open Story

In short film vignettes, with vivid oral storytelling and hand-drawn imagery from Martin Shaw, this multimedia feature takes us on a perilous journey that invites us back into a call and response with the more-than-human world.



Reclaiming a Different Kind of Time: A Practice in Spiritual Ecology

Omega Institute

August 30 - September 2, 2024
In-person Retreat
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The Forest Beyond

by Jeremy Seifert and Fred Bahnson Watch Film

In this film, Senen Kaisi, a young Shipibo woman from Santa Isabel de Bahuanisho, makes her first journey to the retreating edge of this ancestral forest, which once stretched all the way to her village.

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