Emergence Magazine

Writing from the Roots: Part II

with staff writer Chelsea Steinauer-Scudder

October 5, 2022 – November 9, 2022

This fall, we continue our “Beyond Nature Writing” series with “Writing from the Roots: Part II.” In our second session on this theme, we explore practices of curiosity and attention that can deepen our engagement with the living world and add surprising dimension to our writing.

We will welcome guest writers Cal Flyn, Anna Badkhen, Daisy Hildyard, Sumana Roy, and David G. Haskell to help us push the bounds of nature writing as a genre and a practice, exploring ways of weaving play, wonder, witnessing, and grief into the craft of writing. Together we will consider the interconnected web of ecology that holds, sustains, and profoundly intersects each of our lives.

Photo by Jeremy Seifert.

Topic Date Time
Cal Flyn Wednesday, October 5th 10-11:30am (PST)
Anna Badkhen Wednesday, October 12th 10-11:30am (PST)
Daisy Hildyard Wednesday, October 19th 10-11:30am (PST)
Chelsea Steinauer-Scudder Wednesday, October 26th 10-11:30am (PST)
Sumana Roy Wednesday, November 2nd 9-10:30am (PST)
David G. Haskell Wednesday, November 9th 10-11:30am (PST)
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