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Spinning Away (detail) by Sam Laughlin

The Mystery of Time

An Evening at St. Ethelburga’s with Emmanuel Vaughan-Lee

November 14, 2024

Spinning Away (detail) by Sam Laughlin

In an unraveling world we must begin to reimagine our most foundational ways of being. And what is more foundational than Time? Separated from the fabric of the cosmos, the vast mystery of Time has been distilled into a tool of control. But what kind of Time listens and moves in tune with the Earth; travels not in a straight line, but in a circle?

Join Sufi teacher, filmmaker, and Emergence executive editor Emmanuel Vaughan-Lee for an evening exploring forms of Time that transcend the linear and can reweave a relationship with the Earth. Emmanuel will speak to the importance of embracing the mystery of Time that is still held in the rhythms and cycles of the living world and the presence of love and kinship that is opened when we allow ourselves to step into this mystery.

This lecture, drawing from Emergence’s latest volume, TIME, will be followed by a Q&A.

Thursday, November 14th @ 7pm
St. Ethelburga’s Centre for Reconciliation and Peace
London, UK

Ticket Prices: £12–£25.

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