Emergence Magazine

Finding the Mother Tree

with Suzanne Simard and David G. Haskell

May 7, 2021

Suzanne Simard, a pioneering scientist who has changed the way we understand forest ecosystems, is joined by David G. Haskell to discuss her highly anticipated first book, Finding the Mother Tree (Knopf). In this book, Simard brings us into her world, the intimate world of the trees, in which she brilliantly illuminates the fascinating and vital truths–that trees are not simply the source of timber or pulp, but are a complicated, interdependent circle of life; that forests are social, cooperative creatures connected through underground networks by which trees communicate their vitality and vulnerabilities with communal lives not that different from our own.

We’re partnering with Point Reyes Books for this event and it will be streamed on their Crowdcast channel. Registration is required and there is an optional sliding scale fee.

Date Time
Friday, May 7th 12:00 - 1:00pm (PDT)
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