Emergence Magazine

A Deep Dive into Spiritual Ecology

with Spiritual Ecology facilitator Amrita Bhohi

July 10, 2020

2020 continues to be a year marked by uncertainty. Change is inevitable. Something is coming to an end and something new is emerging. How will we be part of this change? How can we put our values into service for both human and non-human life? What are the inner and outer dimensions to the work of reuniting people, the living world, and the sacred? How can the teachings of spiritual ecology enable us to participate in re-weaving these threads?

This four-part course offers a deep dive into the philosophy and practice of spiritual ecology: an emerging field that brings together environmentalism with the spiritual values of reverence for nature, interconnectedness, stewardship, compassion and service. This course grew out of Kalliopeia Foundation’s Spiritual Ecology Fellowship.

Each week’s session will provide space for co-learning, deep listening, shared discussion and reflective practice. We’ll draw on stories from Emergence to explore the teachings of spiritual ecology together in community.

Please note that after the start of the course, the group will be closed to new participants.

Photo by Bear Guerra. 

Registration for this course is now closed.

Topic Date Time
Part 1: Origins Friday, July 10th 10-12:30pm (PST)
Part 2: Principles Friday, July 17th 10-12:30pm (PST)
Part 3: Practices Friday, July 24th 10-12:30pm (PST)
Part 4: Project Application Friday, July 31st 10-12:30pm (PST)
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