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Issue Nº 02 Wildness

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Issue Nº 02 Wildness


As we domesticate the world, we tame ourselves and exclude wildness from our lives. Even when we seek out experiences of the wild, we still remain safely anchored within the boundaries of our individual identities.

But what if we went deeper? What if we sought the sort of wildness that asks us to let go of our very selves? What if we were willing to be terrified, to be alone, to be awed and humbled by the wild around us?

From stories of ancient forests, to legends of the feral winds that howl over mountains and the rivers that course through urban landscapes, the stories in this issue explore our most primal fears, our urge toward order and control, and the need to remember and listen to the wild within the world and within ourselves.

“Where there appears to be only dirt, there may be the root system of some kind of insistent thriving.”

Camille T. Dungy

“What we need is a great, powerful, tremulous falling back in love with our old, ancient, primordial Beloved, which is the Earth herself.”

Martin Shaw

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Sanctuaries of Silence


Listening for Silence