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Issue Nº 03 Technology

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Modern technological advances have revealed astonishing connections, produced great insights, and offered us a thousand ways to say,

I am here .

But to what extent has our reliance on modern technology isolated us within a digital reality?

To what extent have we sacrificed and abandoned the technologies inherent within ourselves and within the animate, speaking world?

This issue invites you to reimagine technology as a tool to be employed with awareness, responsibility, and a spirit of reciprocity with the greater-than-human reality.

What if we learned every feature of the landscape rather than relying on GPS? What if we experienced texture and sensation through touch rather than scroll? What if we sang to corn instead of turning it into an industrial system?

Spanning alchemy and magic, the first image of Earth rising over the moon, DNA as a key to ancestry, open-ocean navigation, and Traditional Ecological Knowledge, this issue broadens our understanding of technology, exploring how it can be a tool for recognizing and reclaiming what is—and always has been—present within and around us:

a world alive , animated , and full of wonder .


  • Robin Wall Kimmerer
  • Bayo Akomolafe
  • Edward Burtynsky
  • David Abram
  • Alisha Anderson
  • Paul Kingsnorth
  • Aylie Baker
  • James Nestor
  • Chelsea Steinauer-Scudder
  • Andreas Gefeller
  • Adam Loften
  • Emmanuel Vaughan-Lee
  • Suus Hessling
  • Ben Suliteanu
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